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ready to be mesmerized?

Cultural & eco-adventure tours like none other ...


We offer various private and organized educational and cultural immersion adventure tours in the majestic Western Himalaya. Located in the districts of Kinnaur and Spiti in the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh, we customize tours  to your curiosity and abilities.


Whether your interests are bird watching, photography, Buddhism and visits to monasteries, yoga and meditation, or different levels of hiking and exploration, come enjoy the travel adventure of your dreams.

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explore the

roof of the world

Immerse yourself

in the culture and landscape of

Kinnaur and Spiti.

Dive into

regional history, geography, religion, ecology and resource management, and tribal cultural traditions.

Learn about

  • the unique ways mountain communities are confronting climate change, and are threatened by it

  • water and sanitation issues

  • the development of a vibrant apple-based economy

  • the chilgoza pine nuts, which has been part of the Kinnauri cultural landscape, ecology, and diet and is now under threat

  • the traditional practice of fraternal polyandry, one of the rarest forms of marriage in the world, where one woman marries multiple brothers  

Tours can be tailored for:

  • Personalized individual tours adapted to your interests

  • Planned adventures with a set itinerary

  • Cultural immersion

  • Long walks in and around villages

  • Students and researchers with individualized projects

  • Environmental study and research

We also help with:

  • Collaborating with your schools or universities to secure college
    credit for your project

  • Developing research plans in the field including:

    • interview questions

    • connections with key informants

    • data collection    

rediscover awe

& wonder

about Kinnaur

Kinnaur District is located in the remote south-eastern corner of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh in Western Himalaya. 

The region is adjacent to the Tibetan border and three roughly parallel mountain ranges, the Zanskar, the Great Himalaya, and the Dhaula Dhar Ranges traverse through Kinnaur, ranging in altitude from 5,180-6,770 meters (16,994- 22,211 feet). 

The Sutlej River is the easternmost and longest of the five tributaries of the Indus River flowing out of Tibet into India at Shipki La (Pass) draining Kinnaur. 


As we follow this roaring, meandering river on our way into Kinnaur, we'll immerse ourselves in the lifeline of the valley.

A way of life,

rapidly changing...

Once-remote villagers now live on the cusp of the global economy. As younger generations rapidly adopt modernization and new values, environmental risks may force adapting to a new way of life. 

After India’s Independence in 1947, Kinnaur transitioned from subsistence agro-pastoralism to a cash-based economy in the 1950s, with the introduction of apples as a cash crop.


Apple production proved to be an economic boon to the region, but now, as climate change and global competition loom, many villages, especially in lower elevations, who once prospered from the apple economy, face risk and uncertainty.

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witness firsthand

  the unique culture

    of this tribal region ...


Itinerary Highlights

One of our many walks will be on the ancient Hindustan-Tibet Road, an artery of the Silk Road, on which the Kinnauris sojourned on trade migrations across what is now the Indo-China border into Tibet. Learn about the Indo-China war of 1962 and its significant ramifications for Kinnaur.


You will have many opportunities to interact with Kinnauri people who will tell you tales of the past and their dreams of the future.

Atop breathtaking slopes & beautiful apple orchards, witness firsthand ...

a new transition taking place in Kinnaur. Observe the migration of the apple zone to higher elevations, and current changes in the landscape taking place due to the changing climate.

Marvel at forests of giant deodar cedars & ancient Himalayan alders ...

as we traverse to higher elevation pastures and villages. Learn to identify different plants of the Himalayan zone.


Taste delicious chilgoza pine nuts

from a native pine tree and learn the social, ecological, and cultural significance of this tree for Kinnauris and its decline with climate change and modern harvesting practices. 

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Discover the tribal traditions & culture ...

learning about the rapidly disappearing fraternal polyandry, where one woman marries a set of brothers, and the consequences of its decline on the area’s property system and the overall economy.


Visit the Land of Gods, in the village of Kanam

in Upper Kinnaur, home to seven important Buddhist monasteries. Learn about the local village deities that reside in temples in each village.

And gain in-depth understanding of this little-known gem

of the Himalaya


spectacular adventure

awaits you

Ready to explore?


For upcoming dates of Kinnaur tour,
please contact us.


For more information including price and a detailed itinerary, please contact us.


  • Two nights and one day exploring Delhi

  • One-night stay in Shimla enjoying a stroll on the Mall Road

  • Ten nights in the village of Kalpa in Kinnaur where we will spend our days walking and exploring the surrounding area including Chakka Lake, a walk along the irrigation channels, and Roula Cliff. We will also spend a day in the Sangla Valley walking along the Baspa River, and a day in the village of Kanam visiting old monasteries.

A Typical Drive
Festival in Kalpa
Ending the day in Nako


Thanks for your interest! We’ll be in touch to answer all your questions shortly.

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